I am a fitness professional who was put on the earth with a purpose to help people live a more fit and healthy lifestyle.

I was always destined to be in a profession of helping others. I’m a kindhearted guy who feels we are all put on this earth as one, and we need to help each other to survive and thrive. By combining my helpful demeanor and passion for fitness, I enjoy helping others who don’t quite grasp or appreciate the nature of the fitness world.

I was born and raised in Southern California in 1985. Growing up my favorite subject in school was always P.E., second was science. I looked forward to playing sports with my classmates and I knew from a very young age that I was going to do something in the athletic realm for my career and life purpose. I played several sports, but wrestling became my main one at a young age, and at 16 I got my first gym membership at 24hr. Fitness. While working out one evening I saw a Personal Trainer working with a client, and I thought that being a personal trainer must be very rewarding and he or she is perceived throughout the community as someone who is strong, fit and aesthetic. I guess I could say, I’ve pretty much always wanted to be a Personal Trainer.

I was in pretty good shape, I went to the gym most days of the week and I was interested in the equipment and how it can physically change my anatomy. After a few years of enjoying the fitness lifestyle I started to train friends and family members. At the time, I was not a gym expert by any means, but for some reason when I would explain certain exercises I noticed my friends or family members would pay attention to me, simply because I knew more about the gym then they did.

I went to college at California State University Long Beach where I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, which means the study of human movement. Throughout my course of schooling I completed several internships ranging in all different areas of the fitness industry, from corporate wellness at BOEING, to fitness certification companies such as N.E.S.T.A and big gym companies such as Bally Total Fitness. Throughout all of this I learned a great deal about the fitness industry from some of the best in the business and I learned how to become a Professional Personal Fitness Trainer.

After graduating I immediately wanted to immerse myself in the career of personal training. I got a job at a brand-new gym facility, located in affluent Newport Beach California called Curl Fitness where I have been a full-time trainer to hundreds of clients since 2011. It wasn’t until a few years into my career that I started to feel like I was sort of spinning in circles. I was 30 years old, making a decent living, but had a feeling that being a full-time personal trainer wasn’t going to be my career forever. I’ve always thought of myself as a very honest person whether it is in life or fitness. I appreciate anyone in the fitness industry trying to help others, but I can’t salute the fakes in the industry or the ones in the world just trying to make money off faulty claims.

I’ve always felt that I’m a real fitness professional. One that is in the industry because I care to help people and I was put here on this earth because people need me to help them, just as I need other professionals to help me. Other than being a Personal Trainer, I would also love to own my own gym facility one day or create a product in the fitness industry that actually works, not gimmick equipment just to make a quick buck. After gaining over 7 years of experience in one on one personal training I have learned many things, one of which is that fitness is much more mental or psychological than it is physical, and in order to see positive changes in your body and health, you need to make fitness a lifestyle. The people in the gym that I have seen get the best results are the ones who are the most consistent and the most frequent, plain and simple.

Fitness for the ones who are unfamiliar with can be very overwhelming and sometimes daunting. What I like to do with most of my clients is gradually have them adapt the lifestyle and teach them lifelong fitness knowledge that they can take with them for the rest of their lives. I’ve trained all sorts of clients from athletes, children, people with disabilities to the geriatric. What I’ve found most enjoyment in, is training clients to live the fitness lifestyle. These are the people who are currently not exercising regularly, yet have the potential to change their lives for the better if they seek my help with open arms.

I created Living Fitness Lifestyle to help people understand the simple truths about fitness and to help make a positive permanent change.

Jeff Mendoza, B.S.


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