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* This is NOT a physical book. It is a downloadable PDF E-Book.

The Living Fitness Lifestyle e-Book is a 16 week workout program designed to get you to adapt fitness to your everyday life. It is geared towards unfit individuals who have either never worked out in a gym before or haven’t worked out in a long time. This e-Book is basically how I would train a new client taking them from step 1 to giving them the confidence and knowledge to doing it themselves. It will teach you the fundamentals and basics of fitness as well as how to make fitness part of your life forever and get lifelong results.

This e-Book is built like a bedside calendar, where each day you will learn new habits, tips, suggestions and information about fitness. You will also follow a professionally designed progressive workout program with over 60 different workouts and have words of encouragement to keep you committed along the whole way. The living fitness lifestyle e-Book takes you from day #1 to day #112. Upon completion of this program you will have mastered to basics and fundamentals of fitness as well as made fitness a part of your lifestyle forever.

Enjoy the book and good job on Living the Fitness Lifestyle.


2 reviews for Living Fitness Lifestyle Downloadable E-Book

  1. Brad T.

    This fitness guide has helped me so much! I am someone that hasn’t been the most consistent in keeping up with exercise and nutrition, getting a guide like this fitness e-book is amazing in helping me do better. I now am healthier, happier and overall feel better because I made the decision to start my journey in the gym using this fitness e-book!


  2. Jason (verified owner)

    Super Detailed and tons of information! This book has everything.

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