Train Harder and Push Yourself Beyond:


  • Push Yourself beyond what you think you are capable of.  Don’t just workout to your comfort zone, you need to feel a little discomfort or muscular burn in order for your body to grow or change the way you want it too.
  • Not every workout is going to be amazing, but you should have at least one workout a week that is a progression session.
  • It’s all about motivation and mental toughness.  Think of your motivation or whatever gets you fired up before each set, interval, or lift.  This mental imagery of your motivation will help you train harder and push yourself beyond your limits. Envisioning the body you want before you even begin is important. Visualizing the way you want to feel and look will help you achieve the goals you are striving for.
  • Before you even step foot into the gym, have your motivations and game face on!  Our lives are busy, so if you’re going to spend one hour in the gym, make your time worth it.
  • Sometimes in training you need to get a little pissed off.  If you’re smiling and laughing during a set or some type of exercise, it’s obviously too easy or light.  You need to express the angry face before the tired face.

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